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2 Button Placket T-Shirts

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2 Button Placket T-Shirts

2 Button Placket T-shirts are great for casual streetwear, or for your business’ next merch project. Are you wondering what exactly placket is? Placket is a type of shirt that has a small slit down the center of the chest with two buttons on one side of the neck slit. You can button up the parted pieces of fabric, but many people keep the buttons unfastened.

This design element adds just a little extra style in comparison to a blank classic-fit tee. The great part is that you can still screen print or customize these 2 Button Placket T-shirts with little interference from the split in the fabric and the buttons. Whether you order these shirts in bulk or a smaller haul, know that you are getting wholesale t-shirt prices for whatever your project you want to accomplish.

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