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Bella+Canvas Apparel at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Bella+Canvas apparel is available in 11 different fabrications, like soft-combed, ringspun airlume cotton, triblend and polyester blends. When shopping Bella+Canvas apparel wholesale, you can be sure that you or your customers will have the softest t-shirts and tank tops in the blank apparel market. You will look good and feel confident in your Bella+Canvas clothing. If you need more reasons to love the brand besides the fantastic quality apparel, Bella+Canvas is an eco-friendly manufacturer inspired by innovation. Plus, Bella+Canvas clothing is proudly assembled in the USA, where they are dyed and cut.

This American brand is mindful that women & men come in different shapes, which is why Bella+Canvas apparel comes in various cuts and styles with sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The Bella+Canvas sweatshirt options are great, with men’s, women’s and unisex styles available. Whether you like oversized sweatshirts, the cropped look, or are looking for the perfect loungewear crewneck, Bella+Canvas has the softest hoodie styles.

Blank Bella+Canvas Apparel For All Your Needs

Bella+Canvas takes pride in letting everyone have a voice. Their motto is “Be Different”! They believe in bringing innovation into the wholesale space and allowing creators and individuals to show their voice through their distinct fashion-forward clothing. Bella+Canvas clothing takes your go-to apparel items and makes them cutting-edge and original.

Do you want to ensure your group looks good during a charity event, a high school sports game, or a night out with friends? We recommend you choose wholesale Bella+Canvas apparel. Bella+Canvas apparel provides a stylish and flattering fit for anyone lucky to wear them! Skip retail outlets and save big with wholesale prices on Bella+Canvas clothing. Plus, for large groups searching for bulk apparel, Bella+Canvas has high stock and many options—perfect for outfitting everyone! Opt for one of Bella+Canvas’ many popular unisex tees for a uniform look that works for the whole group. You can’t go wrong with the ever-popular 3001C, or heather counterpart, the 3001CVC

Bulk Bella+Canvas Clothing for Sale

Quality goes hand in hand when it comes to plain Bella+Canvas apparel. They go to extreme lengths to ensure that each piece they create has an impeccable fit and feel. Because quality is so important to them, they even created their signature “airlume combed and ringspun cotton” to ensure their products are the softest on the market. One thing ShirtSpace knows for sure is that you will never sacrifice quality when shopping Bella+Canvas clothing.

Here are a few additional reasons why buying Bella+Canvas will be an above-satisfactory choice you won’t regret. They are committed to sustainability practices when making apparel, taking extreme pride in creating jobs in America by being USA-made and using premium fabrics to create products. When you combine their core values, buying plain Bella+Canvas apparel with ShirtSpace is a sure bet!

At ShirtSpace, we’re excited to offer Bella+Canvas wholesale apparel at bulk prices from warehouses strategically placed nationwide, so orders arrive quickly. The list of pros goes on and on, so what are you waiting for? If you're looking to purchase bulk apparel, Bella+Canvas won’t disappoint! Shop over 120 options, and score your new Bella+Canvas favorites. Place your Bella+Canvas apparel bulk order today!


Q: What Kind of Quality is Bella+Canvas Brand?

A: Bella+Canvas shirts are some of the best quality apparel we carry here at ShirtSpace, and the reviews from our customers reflect that! Their airlume combed and ring-spun cotton has 2.5x fewer impurities than standard ringspun cotton. Bella+Canvas’ long-staple cotton has fewer loose fibers for a smooth printing surface, and for dyeing the clothing, they use eco-friendly products and 7x less water than other apparel manufacturers.

Q: Does Bella+Canvas Clothing Run True To Size?

A: Regarding the fit of Bella+Canvas apparel, slim fit tees from Bella+Canvas run a little smaller since they are meant to hug the body tighter, and relaxed fit tees were created with a more oversized fit in mind. Unisex t-shirts are generally true-to-size, but ladies' tees from Bella+Canvas often run small. Bella+Canvas garments are typically preshrunk but can shrink slightly more with the first hot machine wash and dry. View our Bella+Canvas Size Guide for helpful tips on choosing the perfect size of plain Bella+Canvas apparel.

Q: Where is Bella+Canvas Apparel Made?

A:  Bella+Canvas lists the country the piece was sewn on their tags, so that the consumer always knows where it came from. Bella+Canvas products come from multiple supply chain channels. Their “Made in the USA” Collection is dyed, cut and sewn in the US. They also utilize a hybrid version of production for some styles, where the garments are partially produced internationally and partially in the United States of America.

Q: How Do I Care for and Maintain Bella+Canvas Clothing?

A: Caring for and maintaining your Bella+Canvas clothing is essential to keep it looking its best over time. To ensure your garments' longevity, following a few simple guidelines is recommended. Always check the care label inside the clothing for specific instructions, as different fabrics and styles might have unique requirements. Generally, it's advisable to machine wash your Bella+Canvas items using cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can degrade the fabric's quality. When drying, opt for low heat settings or air drying to prevent excessive shrinkage or damage. Turn your clothing inside out before washing to protect any printed, tie-dyed or embroidered designs. Additionally, avoid ironing directly on printed areas. By following these care instructions, you can extend the life of your Bella+Canvas clothing and continue to enjoy their comfort and style for years to come.

Q: Why Should I Choose Bella+Canvas Apparel for My Business?

A: Opting for wholesale Bella+Canvas apparel through ShirtSpace for your business is a savvy choice that promises quality and style. Not only do our customers love the brand, but their customers also love Bella+Canvas! With some of the industry's most fashionable colors, such as black, blue and white, your designs will look fabulous when hosted by a Bella+Canvas garment. By choosing Bella+Canvas through ShirtSpace, you ensure that your business not only aligns with top-tier apparel but also embraces sustainability, as Bella+Canvas is dedicated to utilizing responsible manufacturing processes. You can elevate your brand's image and appeal with plain Bella+Canvas apparel from ShirtSpace, where quality and environmental consciousness seamlessly converge.

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