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Getting the Most Out of Your Cloth Mask

By Shirtspace | May 15, 2020Cloth masks need to be properly worn and taken care of for them to be the most effective.
How-to & DIY

How To Keep Your Cloth Mask Clean and Sterile

By Shirtspace | May 15, 2020A basic breakdown on how to keep your cloth mask clean and sterile for use.
Business Tips

Three Benefits of Wearing A Cloth Face Mask

By Shirtspace | April 13, 2020Wearing a cloth face mask has many benefits. Here are the top three benefits of wearing a cloth face mask.
Business Tips

Where You Should Wear a Cloth Face Mask

By Shirtspace | April 10, 2020We run down all the locations you should be wearing a cloth face mask for your protection.
Business Tips

How to Print on a Cloth Face Mask

By Shirtspace | April 10, 2020We break down the different methods to effectively print you and your customer's designs onto the new cloth face masks hitting the market.
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Face Mask Types and Levels of Protection

By Shirtspace | March 31, 2020A basic breakdown of different types of face masks and the levels of protection they provide.
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An Important Message from Shirtspace.com

By Shirtspace | March 18, 2020An Important Message from Shirtspace.com during the COVID-19 uncertainty
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