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Wholesale Blank Apparel for Sublimation

Shop the best selection of sublimation blanks with ShirtSpace! Sublimation is the art of customizing apparel by transforming solid ink into gas without passing through the liquid phase using heat and pressure. The outcome is fantastically sleek graphics that screen printed and vinyl designs just can’t accomplish. The sublimated design is literally infused into the fibers of the fabric. If you closed your eyes and ran your hand over the design, you wouldn’t be able to feel a difference in the fabric where the image was placed. The perfect sublimation shirts are hard to come by, so thankfully we curated the best choices for this type of decorating!
A restriction with sublimating on blank apparel is that you must use a white or light colored fabric. A white t-shirt or hoodie will make your colors bright and vivid. Other colors beside white will only show some ink colors. In order to sublimate with the best results, you must have a garment made of at least 65% polyester. Luckily at ShirtSpace we have a variety of 100% polyester and polyester blend t-shirts, polyester sweatshirts and other blank apparel for sublimation blanks!

Top-Rated Polyester Blanks for Sublimation

Not everyone likes the look and feel of a 100% polyester shirt, so it can be confusing trying to figure out what fabrications you can sublimate on. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you! Sublimation t-shirts must have at least 65% polyester within their material make up, which is the minimum recommended amount for a highly saturated print. For those that like sublimating on trendy styles beyond performance wear, this is a game changer!
Bella + Canvas 3880C Unisex Viscose Fashion T-Shirt thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 3880C
Bella + Canvas 3650 Unisex Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 3650
Bella + Canvas 8855 Ladies' Flowy Long-Sleeve V-Neck thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 8855
Bella + Canvas B8882 Ladies' Flowy Cropped T-Shirt thumbnail
Bella + Canvas B8882
Bella + Canvas B8801 Ladies' Flowy Raglan T-Shirt thumbnail
Bella + Canvas B8801
Bella + Canvas 8809 Women's Flowy High-Neck Tank thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 8809
Bella + Canvas 8852 Ladies' Flowy Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with 2x1 Sleeves thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 8852
Boxercraft T52 Women's Twisted T-Shirt thumbnail
Boxercraft T52
Bella + Canvas 8804 Women's Flowy Muscle T-Shirt With Rolled Cuffs thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 8804
Bella + Canvas B8805 Ladies' Flowy V-Neck Tank thumbnail
Bella + Canvas B8805
Bella + Canvas B8800Y Youth Flowy Racerback Tank thumbnail
Bella + Canvas B8800Y
Bella + Canvas 8821 Ladies' Flowy Draped Sleeve Dolman T-Shirt thumbnail
Bella + Canvas 8821
Next Level 5033 Ladies' Festival Tank thumbnail
Next Level 5033
Bella + Canvas B8800 Women's Flowy Racerback Tank thumbnail
Bella + Canvas B8800
Next Level N5040 Ladies' Festival Sleeveless V thumbnail
Next Level N5040
Next Level N5080 Women's Festival Cali Crop T-Shirt thumbnail
Next Level N5080
Next Level 5030 Women's Festival Scoop Neck T-Shirt thumbnail
Next Level 5030

Soft Sublimation Polyester Shirts That Feel Like Cotton

Our sublimation shirts are not only are made especially for sublimation, so they take to color very well, but they also don’t feel like a traditional polyester shirt at all. These sublimation blanks feel just like soft cotton! Whether you prefer an all white shirt, or a light color to sublimate your design, you won’t be disappointed in the results these tees deliver, or their high-quality feel and cut.
Sublivie S1910 Men's Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie S1910
Sublivie S1902 Men's Blackout Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie S1902
Sublivie 1510 Ladies' Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie 1510
Sublivie 1507 Ladies' V-Neck Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie 1507
Sublivie 1610 Ladies' Junior Fit Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie 1610
Sublivie 1210 Youth Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie 1210
Sublivie 1310 Toddler Sublimation T-Shirt thumbnail
Sublivie 1310
Gildan G420 Performance ® T-Shirt thumbnail
Gildan G420
Gildan G420L Ladies Performance ® T-Shirt thumbnail
Gildan G420L
Jerzees 21M Dri-Power ® Sport 100% Polyester T-Shirt thumbnail
Jerzees 21M
Jerzees 21B Youth 5.3 oz. DRI-POWER® SPORT T-Shirt thumbnail
Jerzees 21B
Jerzees 21ML Adult 5.3 oz. DRI-POWER® SPORT Long-Sleeve T-Shirt thumbnail
Jerzees 21ML

100% Polyester T-Shirts for Sublimation

There is no denying that 100% polyester shirts sublimate beautifully. It is the ideal material to create very vivid designs that lock in the colors of the dye straight into the fibers of the fabric. We love polyester because it is moisture-wicking, feels cool and sleek to the touch, and won’t wrinkle. Polyester will not shrink or lose shape like some other materials. These 100% polyester sublimation blanks are fantastic options for athletic uniforms or drastic weather conditions to help regulate the temperature of the wearer.
Gildan G465 Performance ® Core Hooded T-Shirt thumbnail
Gildan G465
A4 NB3142 Youth Cooling Performance T-Shirt thumbnail
A4 NB3142
A4 NW3201 Ladies' Cooling Performance T-Shirt thumbnail
A4 NW3201
A4 N3165 Men's Cooling Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt thumbnail
A4 N3165
Threadfast Apparel 240RV Ladies' Liquid Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt thumbnail
Threadfast Apparel 240RV
A4 N3142 Men's Cooling Performance T-Shirt thumbnail
A4 N3142

High-quality Polyester Tank Tops for Sublimation

Polyester is the most desired fabric for athletic and fitness apparel, so it’s no wonder that there are a good deal of polyester sublimation tank tops in our arsenal. From racerbacks, to muscle tanks and sleeveless tees, we have them all! With quick shipping and many options, sublimate to your heart's desire with the deep inventory of wholesale polyester tank tops for sublimation available for adults and kids alike.
Sport-Tek LST356 Ladies PosiCharge ® Competitor ™ Racerback Tank thumbnail
Sport-Tek LST356
Soffe 1510V Soffe Women's Performance Racerback Tank thumbnail
Soffe 1510V
A4 N2340 Adult Moisture Management V Neck Muscle Shirt thumbnail
A4 N2340
Team 365 TT11M Men's Zone Performance Muscle T-Shirt thumbnail
Team 365 TT11M
Augusta Sportswear 1705 Ladies' Training Tank thumbnail
Augusta Sportswear 1705
Sport-Tek ST352 Sleeveless PosiCharge ® Competitor™ Tee thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST352
C2 Sport 5130 Sleeveless T-Shirt thumbnail
C2 Sport 5130
Sport-Tek LST352 Ladies Sleeveless PosiCharge ® Competitor™ V-Neck Tee thumbnail
Sport-Tek LST352

The Best Sweatshirts for Sublimation

If you’re on the search for wholesale sweatshirts for sublimation, you’ve come to the right place! From cozy polyester fleece hoodies, to sporty quarter-zips and more—there is the perfect sweatshirt for sublimation here for you at ShirtSpace. It’s difficult to know what the top polyester sweatshirt styles to sublimate on are, but rest assured that these sweatshirts will be just what you were looking for. They provide a comfortable fit, and make decorating easy with a smooth finish to work with, as well as fabric that locks in color strong! Shop our deep inventory of hoodies and sweatshirts sublimation blanks, and see your colorful creation come to life!
Team 365 TT41Y Youth Zone Performance Hoodie thumbnail
Team 365 TT41Y
Team 365 TT41W Ladies' Zone Performance Hoodie thumbnail
Team 365 TT41W
Sport-Tek LST235 Ladies Sport-Wick ® Fleece Colorblock Hooded Pullover thumbnail
Sport-Tek LST235
Sport-Tek ST264 PosiCharge ® Sport-Wick ® Heather Fleece Hooded Pullover thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST264
Sport-Tek ST240 Sport-Wick ® CamoHex Fleece Hooded Pullover thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST240
Augusta Sportswear 2786 Youth Attain Quarter-Zip Pullover thumbnail
Augusta Sportswear 2786
Sport-Tek ST263 PosiCharge ® Sport-Wick ® Heather Fleece 1/4-Zip Pullover thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST263
J America JA8663 Ladies' Odyssey Striped Poly Fleece Hi-Lo Crew thumbnail
J America JA8663
Augusta Sportswear 5575 Ladies' Zoe Tonal Heather Pullover thumbnail
Augusta Sportswear 5575
Sport-Tek F244 Sport-Wick ® Fleece Hooded Pullover thumbnail
Sport-Tek F244

Polyester Polos for Sublimation

Polos are a great choice for sublimation projects because there are many polyester options available for this style of shirt. There are hundreds of polyester polo styles to choose from in adult, ladies and youth styles! Use our wholesale sublimation blanks to create custom polos for teams, clubs, uniforms or personalize them with a monogram. With so many screen printed and embroidered polos out there, stand apart and sublimate a polo today!
Harriton M374W Ladies' 3.8 oz. Polytech Mesh Insert Polo thumbnail
Harriton M374W
Team 365 TT51 Men's Zone Performance Polo thumbnail
Team 365 TT51
Team 365 TT51W Ladies' Zone Performance Polo thumbnail
Team 365 TT51W
Team 365 TT51Y Youth Zone Performance Polo thumbnail
Team 365 TT51Y
Sport-Tek ST650 Micropique Sport-Wick ® Polo thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST650
Gildan G458 Adult Performance® 5.6 oz. Double Piqué Polo thumbnail
Gildan G458
Gildan G458B Performance® Youth 5.6 oz. Double Pique Polo thumbnail
Gildan G458B
UltraClub 8210P Adult Cool & Dry Mesh Piqué Polo with Pocket thumbnail
UltraClub 8210P
UltraClub 8413L Ladies' Cool & Dry Elite Tonal Stripe Performance Polo thumbnail
UltraClub 8413L
UltraClub 8220L Ladies' Cool & Dry Jacquard Stripe Polo thumbnail
UltraClub 8220L
Sport-Tek LST640 Ladies PosiCharge ® RacerMesh ® Polo thumbnail
Sport-Tek LST640
Sport-Tek ST550 PosiCharge ® Competitor ™ Polo thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST550
Sport-Tek ST640 PosiCharge ® RacerMesh ® Polo thumbnail
Sport-Tek ST640
Core 365 88181Y Youth Origin Performance Piqué Polo thumbnail
Core 365 88181Y
Team 365 TT21 Men's Command Snag Protection Polo thumbnail
Team 365 TT21
Team 365 TT21W Ladies' Command Snag Protection Polo thumbnail
Team 365 TT21W
Core 365 78181 Ladies' Origin Performance Piqué Polo thumbnail
Core 365 78181

Bags and Other Accessories for Sublimation

Sublimation doesn’t have to be saved for t-shirts and standard clothing — you can sublimate just about anything if the fabric isn’t too dark and has enough polyester! Why not try your hand at sublimating polyester accessories like a tote bag, towels, socks or even a pillowcase? These accessories to sublimate are great options to expand your company’s branded gear, include band merch inventory, add to a spirited sports apparel collection or to just try something new and fun!
BAGedge BE256 Polyester Canvas Rope Tote thumbnail
BAGedge BE256
Liberty Bags CSB1118 Patented Sublimation Velour Towel thumbnail
Liberty Bags CSB1118
Liberty Bags CSB1518 Patented Sublimation Velour Towel thumbnail
Liberty Bags CSB1518
SOCCO SUB100 USA-Made Crew Socks For Sublimation thumbnail
Port Authority PT48 Sublimation Rally Towel thumbnail
Port Authority PT48
Port Authority PT49 Sublimation Beach Towel thumbnail
Port Authority PT49
Liberty Bags PSB2030 Sublimation Pillowcase thumbnail
Liberty Bags PSB2030
Liberty Bags PSB2121 Sublimation Triangle Bandana thumbnail
Liberty Bags PSB2121

Common FAQ About Sublimation

What is sublimation printing on blank apparel and t-shirts?

In scientific terms, sublimation printing is the process of transforming solid ink into gas without passing through the liquid phase. For garment decorating, this means that the ink permanently binds to the fibers of the fabric, locking in the colors. When you run your hand over the design, you will not be able to feel a difference between the overall fabric of the shirt and where the design was placed.

What material do I need for sublimation printing?

For sublimation printing, the lowest recommended amount of polyester for best results is typically 65%. Sublimation works best on synthetic fabrics such as polyester. The inks will not adhere to cotton. You technically can sublimate on less than 65% polyester (we have seen some beautiful results with 50/50 cotton/poly blends!) but your design might look very faded, worn and may not be to your liking—so keep that in mind. Another important factor besides material when selecting a shirt for sublimation is the color. During sublimation, the ink is dyeing the fibers themselves, not placing a design on top such as with screen printing or heat transfers. Because of this only certain colors should be used for sublimation printing. For the most vibrant and true colors possible - go with a white shirt. Pastels and very light colors will work, but you must keep in mind how your ink colors will mix with the fabric color. You shouldn’t sublimate on dark colors like black, charcoal or navy - you won’t see the design! The one exception is that some people like to bleach an area of dark colored shirts first and then sublimate them within the lightened area.

What are polyester sublimated tees good for?

Polyester is typically most used in many athletic and sports-related apparel products. It’s naturally moisture-wicking, pulling sweat away from the skin where otherwise it would mix with bacteria and create unwanted odor. It feels cool and smooth against the skin and resists snags and stretching. They are made for longevity with simple washing and care instructions. A sublimated athletic tee is a great choice for lifeguards, bicyclists, water sports, softball teams, landscaping and construction crews, and more! Polos are many times made out of a high percentage of, if not completely from polyester. Polyester polos are a solid choice for sports teams, resort or amusement park staff, and other establishments where the workers need to look professional while also remaining cool and dry. Plus, polyester blends tend to have more fashionable styles available that could be worn as everyday wear. They are just more of a gamble when it comes to the end result - so always test first when possible!

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