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Burnout T-Shirts

Burnout t-shirts, also known as devoré, are a type of shirt that have a marbled appearance. Burnout t-shirts have translucent spots within the fabric where the material was burned through a chemical process to remove the cotton components. This gives the material a faded appearance, as opposed to a flat, opaque color. The results make for a beautiful textured t-shirt that has character. The effect also gives a vintage vibe to the t-shirt, which is a coveted look for clothing enthusiasts.

Burnout tshirts are perfect for fashionable, layered looks and add variety to any person’s closet. People will often wear a tank, camisole or t shirt underneath if the burnout shirt is a light color, since the burnout treatment to the material sometimes creates a translucent look. Searching for a tee beyond the basic model that makes a statement? A burnout tee may be the perfect option.

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