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Oil Wash T-Shirts

Have you ever heard of oil wash t-shirts? Oil washing is a very unique and experimental method of dying t-shirts. Every shirt created in this fashion is like no other. That is due to the process of the t-shirt being pigment dyed, and a binder being applied at a very high temperature. The result is a beautiful vintage or distressed effect where the color gradation shifts throughout the shirt. Who doesn’t want an affordable wholesale oil wash t-shirt that is one-of-a-kind?

If you prefer a tee beyond a classic style but don’t want a bold print, an oil wash t-shirt may be the perfect happy medium. You get standout color, texture and a slightly worn look, compared to a monochromatic blank t shirt. The oil wash effect isn’t too distinct so you can still use the garment for customization purposes. Whether you are adding a custom design or not, oil wash t-shirts still look attractive in their original form. Oil wash t-shirts look beautiful with a logo, message or art printed on it. Or keep it as is, clean and simple.

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