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American Apparel fleece sweaters

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Featured American Apparel Fleece Sweatshirts

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American Apparel fleece sweaters

American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters offer warmth and coziness while looking great. Smart, solid color cotton sweaters are an excellent choice for customized screen-printing and other forms of garment decoration.


Cotton: America’s Number One Fabric Choice

Cotton was one of the first natural fibers used to make clothing and remains one of the most popular choices for sweater materials. Soft and comfortable, American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters are hypoallergenic and breathable. Cotton dyes well, stands up well to wear-and-tear, and provides superior results when used for screen-printing projects.


Step out in Style with American Apparel

Plain American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters make stylish additions to any wardrobe, either when worn alone or as the base garment for fashionable layering. These versatile sweaters can be printed with company logos for use in work environments, or customized with prints to create wearable art.


The Amount You Want at Affordable Prices

ShirtSpace offers American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters at competitive prices comparable to those offered by the larger chain stores, so you can buy as many sweaters as you need. Unlike other wholesale clothing outlets, we have no minimum order limit and honor all purchases, whether you need to make a bulk order for a garment printing company or just want a new sweater for personal use.


Made in America

American Apparel is one of the few US-based clothing companies to resist the outsourcing trend. They continue to design, cut, and sew their sweaters in their downtown Los Angeles warehouse, so every sweater you buy benefits American workers and an American company.


When you purchase American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters, you’re buying a brand known for its consistency and quality. Crafters and garment-printing companies alike value garments they can count on to have the same cut, size, color, and quality time after time.


Searching for a particular color or style of cotton fleece sweater? ShirtSpace’s handy search guide lets you narrow your search results by price, color, gender, style, and size.


Cotton: Ideal for Garment Printing

Cotton produces superior results when used for screen-printing and most other garment printing processes, making American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters an excellent choice for crafting projects and industrial printing. If you’re unsure which fabric material is best suited for your printing project, contact ShirtSpace and we’ll help you match your decorating process with the best possible sweater.


American Apparel cotton fleece sweaters are a comfortable, smart addition to any wardrobe and equally suited for workplace uniforms. Check out our selection of sweaters and sweatshirts; we’re sure you’ll find the right sweater for your personal or professional needs.

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