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Code Five T-Shirts

Check out Code Five’s collection of adult and youth camo t-shirts and American flag apparel that will suit the outdoorsy and patriotic alike. Camo prints have been really popular throughout the years, for both those that like to explore the wilderness and those that like to flaunt it as a fashion statement. From the traditional camo patterns offered in different colors to prints mimicking realistic natural brush, you can make a statement with your tee or blend into the backdrop. For those that like a touch of pattern on their tees, this is a top choice. Polyester and cotton tshirts are available, so choose whichever you prefer, or pick up both!

These shirts feature an easy-tear label to replace with your own branded tag or leave out completely. Feel good about your wholesale purchase of Code Five t-shirts since they donate 2% of all of their sales to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc. and Fisher House™, both organizations that help active military, vets and their families during tough times.

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