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Reusable Face Masks & Face Coverings

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Reusable Face Masks & Face Coverings


As we progress into the next stages of what experts are calling “the new normal,” face masks and face coverings are here to stay. Available in an array of styles with features to suit your individual needs, we’ve got you covered.


Reusable Face Coverings Can Be a Personal Style Statement

Hospital-grade face masks are meant for front-line health workers, but public civilians can use cloth face coverings instead. The CDC website has several recommendations for creating your own face coverings in a pinch, using such household items as old scarves, hand towels, bandanas, or even a coffee filter. 


However, creating a new face mask each time you need to venture out can become tedious. If you have a keen eye on the pulse of sustainable solutions in all your day-to-day choices, a reusable face mask is the best option for you. 


The best part about reusable face masks is that you can tailor your choice to the rest of your outfit. Reusable face masks give wearers multiple benefits, including:


  • A more natural, comfortable fit and feel over sensitive parts of the face

  • An easy way to clean the mask and keep it sanitary so you can disinfect if needed after returning home

  • Adjustable nose fittings for a seamless, long-wear use experience

  • Breathable cloth blends that are gentle while keeping you safe 

  • Customizable colors and styles

  • Environmentally-friendly as it is reusable

  • Lower overall price because you don’t have to repurchase when your supply of masks runs out 


What’s the Best Material for Reusable Face Masks?

Keep in mind that not all reusable face coverings are created alike. Because you’re going to wear the same face mask over and over again, you need a fabric blend that is comfortable for long-wear use, breathable, and easy-to-clean. 


Reusable face masks that only have one piece of cloth layer, for example, don’t perform as well as bi- and tri-layered masks. A good litmus test to perform on your reusable face covering is to check for light filtration — if light gets through, the material is not as good at filtering out other fine particles. The more light it blocks, the better. In general:


  • Opt for fabric blends that include cotton. 

  • Go for a minimum of two to three layers of fabric for reusable masks.

  • Look for fabrics that wash well in machine washers, and can be dried without shrinking or losing shape.

  • Blends should include rayon, lycra, polyester, Modal, or other synthetic fabrics designed to maintain the mask’s lightweight and breathable qualities.


Choose Your Own Reusable Face Masks On ShirtSpace Today

Browse our curated collection of choice reusable face masks today. As with all ShirtSpace collections, our reusable face coverings are stylish and sleek. Our featured designs offer you a range of benefits, based on your personal style and preferences. 


Opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric blends as each reusable face mask comes in a three-pack, so you’re high on stock and style. Visit ShirtSpace today and learn more about how we’re helping to keep you functional and fashionable with reusable face masks. 

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