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Side Vents Sweatshirts

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Side Vents Sweatshirts

Side vent sweatshirts provide comfort and breathability because of the side vent addition. These types of sweaters are great for those looking to print their designs for a business such as a golf course, or for athletes such as coaches or a sports team. Side vent sweatshirts are generally made with moisture-wicking materials such as polyester. The materials and blends make these sweaters great for athletes, or for those breaking a sweat.

Side vent sweatshirts also have a sophisticated look and often feature a zip up neckline. Because they are stylish and practical these types of sweatshirts would make a great outfit choice for the casual hiker, morning walker, or jogger. These sweatshirts are the perfect choice for those who live an active lifestyle.

Stay cool while looking cool! You can outfit your entire team or school with easily brandable side vent sweatshirts. At ShirtSpace we supply blank and bulk wholesale apparel so you can score on the field and in your shopping cart.

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