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Garment Dyed T-Shirts

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Garment Dyed T-Shirts

Garment Dyed t-shirts are all sorts of backwards- in a good way! Most pieces of fabric used for clothing are dyed before they are cut and sewn from large rolls of fabric. With garment dyed t-shirts, the material is dyed after the cuts of fabric are assembled. The benefit of this? The clothing has a softer texture and more vibrant colors. Who doesn’t like an exceptionally vivid and comfy shirt?

Garment dyed t-shirts don't shrink because of the process the t-shirt went through during production. The fit you experience when you try it on for the first time is what you feel forever. When it comes to clothing, there is nothing more disappointing than wearing a t shirt once and then a laundry mishap cuts what would have been a beautiful relationship short. Skip the heartbreak and consider a tee that won’t leave you saying “Honey, I shrunk my shirt again…”

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