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Water Resistant T-Shirt

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Water Resistant T-Shirt

Sometimes you don’t want to wear a rain jacket over your clothes, especially during physical fitness activities. Thankfully, water resistant t-shirts exist, and here at ShirtSpace we have wholesale, blank water resistant options to keep you fly and dry!

Although “water resistant” doesn’t technically mean 100% waterproof because it can still absorb some liquid, it does a good job of repelling moisture to a certain extent. This kind of tee would definitely help you if you got caught in a light sprinkling of rain or snow dusting outside. Although keep in mind, once it starts to pour, the protection may not be enough to keep you completely dry.

Often these water resistant t-shirts also double their utility by blocking out harmful sun rays through UV protective fabric. Moisture-wicking technology allows for sweat to be drawn away from the body, helping to prevent odor and sticky back. With all of these functions, a water resistant shirt is a multi-faceted shirt that delivers benefits beyond being water repellent.

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