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Y-Neck Placket T-Shirt

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Y-Neck Placket T-Shirt

Y-neck plackets are a great t shirt design feature for two reasons. First, they allow for an easier dressing experience for the wearer simply because the wider neckline makes the shirt come on and off the body in a more effortless way than shirts with a tighter neckline. Second, the split neckline and buttons add a casual but attractive touch that stands apart from the basic t-shirt design.

You can wear a placket tee alone or utilize the open neckline by creating a layered look by wearing this over a camisole, tank or another t-shirt. To make the look extra glam, take advantage of a large open neckline and accessories with a bold statement necklace.

With affordable t shirt choices for any decorative project or purpose, we have a tee that will serve as your perfect blank canvas. Add some variety to your closets and customization projects with your purchase of wholesale y-neck placket t-shirts from ShirtSpace today.

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