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Buy Blank Kishigo in Bulk

When your safety is on the line, you can't afford to cut corners. That's why we trust  Kashigo safety vests, jackets and tees. Roadside construction teams, emergency services personnel, surveyors and road and rail workers rely on the high visibility clothing they wear to announce their presence to motorists and others as they serve the community. Often, the bright colors and reflective strips are all that stand between them and harm. Kishiho's high-visibility safety clothing is made with the care and quality that you deserve.

Why Choose ML Kishigo Hi-Viz Safety Wear

For nearly 50 years, ML Kishigo has manufactured heavy-duty hi-viz safety wear that is made to last. Neon bright colors and highly reflective panels are just the beginning of the story. Kishigo apparel is designed and constructed with consultation and input from those who rely on Kishigo safety vests to keep them safe as they work. Feedback from end-users drives the development of the product line, leading to numerous innovations for comfort and functionality. Moisture-wicking keeps you cool and dry on the hottest of days, while water resistance sheds the rain. Padded collars prevent chafing so you can work in comfort.

The sleek, smooth fabric of Kishigo safety vests is ideal for custom printing projects, including those using sublimation, heat vinyl transfer or screen printing. Your company branding and logo will render perfectly. In addition to Kishigo safety vests, we offer a vast array of quality plain t-shirtstank tops, pants, shorts, jackets and sweatshirts in bulk. Why not design your custom look from top to bottom, then complete it with an ML Kishigo hi-viz safety vest?

Benefits of Buying Bulk Kishigo Safety Wear 

Protect every member of your team with Kishigo safety vests and jackets. But what about cyclists and long-distance runners who work alone? Not to worry! We value every customer. At ShirtSpace, you don't have to purchase bulk Kishigo safety wear to get the benefits of bulk ordering. You'll always enjoy our low wholesale pricing, whether you order a single hi-viz safety vest or 500. And we offer quantity discounts for larger orders (detailed on each product page), so everybody wins!

How to Buy Wholesale Kishigo Safety Vests

At ShirtSpace, it's always easy to order merchandise at wholesale prices. We have no minimum order and we'll never ask to see a resale permit. Instead, we have loaded up our website with a vast selection of the finest, brand name blank apparel to be found, at low, wholesale prices. All you need to do is explore our collection, choosing exactly what you need and nothing more. It's that simple. Our spiffy website is so smart; it automatically applies all the quantity discounts you qualify for. For you, this means that you always get the best price.

Your safety is too important to cut corners. Choose high-quality ML Kishigo safety vests and hi-vis safety wear from ShirtSpace today.

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