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CornerStone apparel is all about providing quality, heavy-duty workwear. The popular safety apparel company has proven itself as one of the best brands available by constantly delivering high-quality safety apparel made of tough yet comfortable materials that can be worn all day long. Cornerstone’s essential features include snag-proof polos, reflective t-shirts and vests designed to outfit those who work in heavy-duty environments. For a heavyweight tee that delivers comfort and durability, the 7-ounce CornerStone CS430 Workwear Pocket Tee is a customer favorite that is great for both everyday wear and strenuous work.

Whether you work in factories, law enforcement, construction, auto shops, or medical facilities, it’s crucial to stay safe. One of the best ways to stay safe at work is to wear the right gear, like snag-resistant materials, reflective tshirts, high-visibility apparel, and safety hats. That’s where CornerStone clothing comes in: You can do your job safely and comfortably with first-class, lightweight, moisture-wicking materials. 

Wholesale CornerStone Apparel Keeps You Prepared on the Job

With CornerStone clothing company, you can find snag-proof, moisture-wicking, performance t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hats, outwear, and medical apparel without paying high-end prices. Here are some of the most impressive features that you can find with CornerStone apparel: 

  • Snag Proof: One of the significant safety risks of working with large machinery is dealing with materials that can snag. That’s why CornerStone wholesale snag-proof polos are essential to working in any industrial environment.

  • Moisture-Wicking: Sweat and odor don’t stand a chance with CornerStone moisture-wicking polo shirts and jackets. Stay cool, dry comfortable all day long, no matter how active you may be on the job. 

  • Medical Wear: Medical workers requiring scrub pants and shirts for work can find them at super low wholesale prices in a variety of color options with CornerStone apparel. Medical professionals needing to suit up in PPE (personal protection equipment) can take advantage of the outstanding prices. 

  • Security and Law Enforcement: On some items, like the CornerStone Job Shirt, you’ll find mic clips, pen pockets, and adjustable chest storage. These extras are perfect for event management, security and law enforcement. 

CornerStone Apparel: Workwear Basics and Specialized Industry Apparel at Wholesale Prices

CornerStone creates apparel for any professional working in a large-scale environment where movement and safety are essential. With Cornerstone apparel products that specialize in providing uniformed workwear for workers across the board, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable uniforms can be—especially with durable polyester that meets American National Standards for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories (ANSI) requirements. You’ll be covered for safety, comfort, and durability when purchasing Cornerstone apparel wholesale from ShirtSpace.   

Why Buy CornerStone Apparel in Bulk from ShirtSpace

When shopping for workwear, the quality and price are very important. In these specialized industries, having durable apparel is a must. When shopping with ShirtSpace, we make sure that you will find the quality you are looking for at a price point you can’t beat. On top of the wholesale pricing that we offer, we do not have order minimums! You can even choose to create an account with us to unlock extra savings, as well as join our ShirtSpace community to make sure you are on top of all the latest trends on social media! Start shopping for just one item or 100 items – it will be a breeze! Take advantage of our deep inventory and bulk prices today. Fill your closet up with CornerStone and let it work for you!

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