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Full Zip Sweatshirts

When deciding what type of sweatshirt you want to go with, one factor you need to consider is whether you want a pullover style that you put on by sticking your head and arms through the appropriate holes, or a full-zip sweatshirt. With a full-zippered sweatshirt you just run your arms through the sleeves, wrapping the garment around you and you can either leave the zipper completely unzipped, partially zipped up, or completely zipped up.

Often full zip sweatshirts have hoods attached to the collar. One benefit of full zippered hoodies is that your shirt underneath does not get covered up as it mostly would, if not completely, with a pullover sweatshirt. On the flip side, a drawback to the full zip sweatshirt is that it’s harder to print across the chest area of the sweatshirt, the most popular place to put logos and designs. You would have to either utilize the back more, use small designs on the front, or even use the sleeves. Someone who wants one big design or message front and center should consider a pullover sweatshirt instead.

Brands like District, Port & Company and J America bring great, affordable blank styles to showcase your design, logo, or message. Versatile tri blend zip-up sweatshirts, super soft french terry, warm and cozy fleece, and durable heavyweight sweatshirts are just some of different fully-zipped sweatshirt options that we carry. Thankfully our customers can skip high-priced retailers and get low wholesale pricing for all of their orders, big or small.

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