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UV Protection Shirts at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale UV protection t-shirts offer additional protection from harmful sun rays. While we all enjoy soaking up the sun, excessive exposure can damage our skin and overall health. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard ourselves from UV radiation in the most effective way possible. Fortunately, ShirtSpace offers a range of bulk UV protection shirts that incorporate UVA and UVB protection into their materials.

Plain SPF Shirts for All Your Needs

When looking at a shirt's strength of protection, reference the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating. For example, wholesale UPF shirts rated 15 and 20 are a good safeguard against UV rays. A rating of 25, 30, or 35 is considered a very good defense, and a rating of 40 or higher is viewed as a t-shirt with excellent protection. A UPF rating of 50, for example, means that only 2% of the sun’s rays penetrate the clothing.

Because of the 100% polyester material, most wholesale shirts also boast moisture-wicking properties, so they are great for physical activity and anyone working outdoors. If you need the benefits of UV protection while also looking professional, try our UV polos. Because of the high polyester content, sublimation printing is a perfect choice if you want to decorate UV shirts! When searching for wholesale UV protection t-shirts that perform well without a huge price tag, check out ShirtSpace’s selection of wholesale UV t-shirts and protect yourself today. 

Bulk UV Protection for Sale

When shopping for perfect wholesale UV protection t-shirts, you can trust that ShirtSpace carries the top brands, including Sport-Tek, which is s a well-known brand specializing in athletic wear. Their wholesale UV t-shirts are designed to keep wearers comfortable. Team 365 is another top brand that offers high-quality wholesale UV tees. Their shirts are made from lightweight and breathable materials that help keep wearers comfortable, even on hot summer days. And A4 is a brand known for its high-performance athletic wear, and its wholesale UV protection t-shirts are no exception. Explore our top-quality wholesale collection of UV t-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton or polyester t-shirts, and additional apparel options. You can even shop our selection of hats for sun protection for your face! Our website offers the convenience of automated bulk pricing, and we have no minimum order requirement. So start placing your next order with us today!

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