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Cornerstone Polo Shirts at Wholesale Prices

We have the perfect plain polo shirts to wear to all the places – CornerStone polos, to be exact. What is so special about Cornerstone polo shirts? With CornerStone, you can count on quality. Whether that be their work shirts, jackets, or their biggest product category – polos! With a selection of professional polo shirts that fit various environments, ranging from security uniforms to office wear

Polos have been around for nearly one hundred years and are not going anywhere anytime soon! The key to pulling off your polo look? Read our tips on how to wear a polo if you want inspiration on incorporating polos into your everyday wardrobe. Shop for long-sleeve or short-sleeve – or stock up on both for a variety of conditions. 

Plain CornerStone Polos For All Your Needs

Yes, CornerStone polos have some fashion elements, such as the color blocking on the CS416, but Cornerstone polo shirts are mostly created with functionality in mind. Take, for instance, CornerStone’s tactical polos, which were designed for event staff, security, and law enforcement. These tactical polos have thoughtful features like mic clips and dual pen slots that make managing small items easy, so you can focus on the job. There is even a CornerStone polo, the CS423, that features a reflective stripe around the body, available in safety yellow and black or royal and black. The enhanced visibility, yet affordable price, makes it a smart choice for any setting where the workers need to maintain control and serve as a point of authority.Other features that CornerStone polos offer and communicate their premium quality include snag-resistance, wrinkle-resistance, odor-resistance, side vents, and moisture-wicking fabric. Need a pocket? No problem! There are a handful of plain CornerStone polos that have a pocket on the breastbone.

If you need to customize CornerStone polos, consider printing or embroidering a design, text, logo, or insignia to make them your own. This will transform the polos from blank to uniform. 

Save Big on Bulk CornerStone Polo Shirts

CornerStone polos are available in bulk when you require a large quantity of items. The price per unit goes down when you order bulk CornerStone polo shirts. We provide blank apparel at an affordable price for personal shoppers and big buyers, too! It’s as easy as a few simple clicks. We see a three button placket polo shirt in your future! Let us do the heavy lifting for you and shop CornerStone polo shirts wholesale today!

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