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Tear-Away Tag Sweatshirts at Wholesale Prices

Tear-away sweatshirts are highly-sought-after by people that hate tags, as well as apparel decorators who want to rebrand! With the rain drizzling and leaves falling from the trees, each of us has undoubtedly reached for our favorite sweatshirt to help us stay cozy and warm. Fortunately, many wholesale sweatshirt options on the market today will help fit the bill when temps start to drop! 

Available for men and women in zip-up, crewneck, and standard hoodies, you will find tear-away sweatshirts that work for everyone. Our color palette caters to classic tastes like black, white and grays as much as those looking for loud, bright colors like purple, red and high-vis safety colors. What’s more, our selection of tear-away sweatshirts is extraordinarily comfortable and offered in either 100% cotton or polyester blends, so that you can look forward to comfort, durability, and fashion!

Plain Tear-Away Sweatshirts for Customization

Not to be confused with tagless sweatshirts that have the tag permanently adhered to the back inside the neckline of the shirt, tear-away tag sweatshirts have a simple to remove tag that you can rip cleanly off without damaging the seams. Whether you prefer to remove the tag because it’s an itchy nuisance, or if you’re removing the tag to screen print or sew your labels, the tear-away option is an exceptional feature for any garment. Many people choose tear-away sweatshirts when designing and printing their clothing line, as this allows for a high-quality sweatshirt branded with your logo and designs. After all, branding is of the utmost importance when launching your line, and what better way to do so than to include your custom, unique labels in your wholesale tear-away sweatshirts? No one will ever know that your tags weren’t the originals. Not sure what to include on your custom branded labels? We have some ideas! With tear-away tag sweatshirts, the sky is the limit!

Bulk Tear-Away Label Sweatshirts for Sale

As you get ready to stock up on tear-away label sweatshirts for your clothing line featuring your brand’s fantastic logo, don’t forget to register for an online account with us. Creating an account unlocks the best pricing on our wholesale tear-away sweatshirts! Other ways to save include ordering your tear-away tag sweatshirts in bulk. By ordering in bulk tear-away tag sweatshirts, there is significant additional savings awarded. 

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