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"I must say these shirts are really GREAT! Price was excellent! Fit is amazing. My go-to colors are the white, chocolate and olive!" - M. W.


Wholesale 100% Polyester Shirts

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Polyester T-shirts at Wholesale Prices

Bulk polyester t-shirts are ideal for sublimation printing, which relies on bonding with the synthetic content of the fabric. They also work beautifully with heat vinyl transfer and embroidery. With special dyes and additives, 100% polyester wholesale shirts also yield terrific results with screen printing to bring your design to life.

Blank Polyester Shirts for All your Project Needs

At ShirtSpace, we source our bulk polyester t-shirts from top brands worldwide to ensure the finest quality construction and style. Browse our collection by leading brands like Gildan, Augusta Sportswear, Champion, A4, Soffe, Columbia and more. With bulk polyester t-shirts ranging from sizes XS to 6XL in a rainbow of colors for men, women and kids, and in many silhouettes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for every member of your team.

In addition to our100% polyester wholesale shirts , we offer a vast collection of polyester blank apparel, including sweatshirts, tank tops, polo shirts, pants, shorts, hats and more. Polyester  shirts with tear-away tags make adding your own branded labels a snap.

Benefits of Buying Polyester Short Sleeve Shirts in Bulk

Save both money and time when you buy polyester t-shirts in bulk. When you have a big project to accomplish, it feels great marking it off your to-do list.

But what if you don’t have a use for bulk polyester t-shirts in large quantities? Not to worry! At ShirtSpace, we value every customer, whether you buy in bulk or come to us for a single polyester short sleeve shirt. We offer every customer our low wholesale prices, with extra discounts for those who buy larger quantities. To us, that’s the best of both worlds. Not to mention, no matter where you live in the country, ShirtSpace will always be an option when searching for wholesale polyester t-shirts near you! We have 15 different warehouses all over the country to ensure the availability of our wholesale apparel to all.

How to Buy Wholesale Polyester Shirts

While other vendors may have you jump through hoops, at ShirtSpace, we make it easy to buy bulk polyester t-shirts. We have no minimum order and don’t expect to see your resale permit. Instead, we offer the best selection of top-quality blank apparel at low wholesale prices to everyone!

Explore our collection of 100% polyester wholesale shirts and complete your order on our site. We’ll ship your merchandise to you ASAP. Simple!

For comfortable and stylish 100% polyester shirts, shop ShirtSpace today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Polyester T-Shirts

Q. Will Polyester T-Shirts Shrink?

A. Polyester is a synthetic, man-made fabric that can handle the tough elements of everyday use with ease. Generally speaking, polyester t-shirts will not shrink due to the fabric’s synthetic makeup. A good rule of thumb is to never wash or dry polyester on extra high heat, as this could potentially wear down the fabric. 

Q. Will Polyester T-Shirts Fade?

A. Under normal circumstances, polyester t-shirts should not fade. Polyester is made up of synthetic fabrics that repel UV rays much more than other materials. Polyester t-shirts are a durable choice when looking for t-shirts that will last long.

Q. Are Polyester T-Shirts Better Than Cotton or Blends?

A. Polyester shirts are very different from cotton and t-shirt blends. Polyester is a durable, tough fabric that can withstand wear and tear plus multiple trips to the laundry without shrinking or fading. They are often  made up of moisture-wicking fabric as well as extra UV sun protection, which makes them a great option when looking for athletic apparel.

Q. What Projects are Polyester T-Shirts Good For?

A. Polyester shirts are great for many apparel decorating methods. One of the most popular is Sublimation printing. This method requires at least 65% polyester in order for the ink to bond to the garment. Which is why polyester t-shirts are ideal for this method! You can also use polyester shirts with heat vinyl transfer, embroidery and screen printing, making polyester very versatile among decorating methods.

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