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Hooded T-Shirts at Wholesale Prices

A t-shirt hoodie should be on every garment decorator’s radar. Add an extra bit of flair and practicality to your t-shirt designs with the addition of a hood. Hooded t-shirt styles will protect you from the elements on a cold, windy, or rainy day, and they are super stylish. If you are questioning which kind of shirt, hooded is the answer! 

Hooded t-shirts have been a wardrobe staple since the 80s and are here to stay. They are incredibly versatile pieces of clothing. T-shirt hoodie styles are perfect for outdoor activities, but are trendy enough to wear out in everyday life. ShirtSpace’s variety of wholesale t-shirts is sure to satisfy your inventory needs. Plus, we don’t just have men’s hooded t-shirt selection. Everyone can enjoy a hooded shirt, since we carry hooded t-shirts for men, women and kids. Shop from top brands like Sport-Tek, District and Alternative. And when it comes to color selection, we have everything from black and navy blue to bright red and royal

Blank Hooded Shirts for All Your Custom Projects

Our variety of t-shirt hoodie styles makes the options for apparel decorating endless. Do you use the sublimation process? No worries, we have 100% polyester hooded t-shirt styles. Looking to tie-dye or embroider? Don’t fret; we also carry a 100% cotton hooded tees. Or are you just looking for a soft style that you can wear all season long? Check out our tri-blend hoodie t-shirt styles, and you won’t be disappointed!

Dual colors, chunky cinch strings, and raglan styles are just a few funky takes on our hooded tees. From urban streetwear to even the most casual wardrobe, these hoodie t-shirts look fantastic and serve a functional purpose. So, branch out of the idea that hoods are strictly for hooded sweatshirts and outerwear and score a new hooded t-shirt from ShirtSpace.

Hooded Long-Sleeve T-Shirt For Sale

Hooded t-shirts come in a variety of styles, including short-sleeve and long sleeve hooded shirts. Grab a short-sleeve shirt hoodie for the warmer temps and a hooded long-sleeve shirt for the colder months. A hooded long-sleeve t-shirt is ideal for athletes that train and play in brisk outdoor environments. If you’re an apparel decorator, a hooded long-sleeve t-shirt also gives you a larger canvas to work with. Designs look great on the sleeves or hoods of long-sleeve t-shirts with hoodies.  

Hoodie T-Shirts in Bulk

With t-shirt hoodies for sale at many retail outlets, it’s hard to know where to go for the best value for the cost. Shopping for hoodie shirt styles in bulk with ShirtSpace is the best way to align your quality and quantity. We at ShirtSpace take pride in providing our customers with the best quality, all while maintaining bulk wholesale prices. Sure, you could shop at a traditional retail outlet or craft store, but a hooded t-shirt wholesale order from ShirtSpace will be so much cheaper and hassle-free. Creating a space for you to sit back, relax, and shop away is something we take seriously. You do the shopping, and we will work our magic to get your items to you. With no order minimums, additional bulk saving options, and top-rated customer service, you are sure to be satisfied when shopping for your t-shirt hoodie styles with ShirtSpace. Invest in hooded shirts today! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hooded T-Shirts

Q: Are Hooded T-Shirts Gender-Specific or Unisex?

A: Hooded t-shirts can be worn by everyone! They come in unisex, men’s, women’s and youth sizes, so everyone can feed good in their hood! 

Q: What is the Best Sizing for T-Shirt Hoodies?

A: T-shirt hoodies come in sizes ranging from XS-4XL, meaning that many can enjoy earring a hooded t-shirt. We recommend that you get your hooded t-shirt in the same size you would get a normal t-shirt. If you plan to wear it over other layers, then consider going up one size. If you are still in question which size to get, completely our quick size quiz, just look for the hanger icon, below the green “add to cart” button on each product page. 

Q: How Should I Wash and Care For My Hooded Shirt?

A: The way you wash and care for your hooded shirt will depend on the fabric that it is made out of. If there is cotton in the garment, then there will be some shrinkage, but there are ways to help prevent that through washing and drying best practices.

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