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Wash your shirt properly

How to Wash and Dry Your Brand New Shirt

By ShirtSpace | Jun 18, 2020 |  Updated Jun 16, 2023

Typically, when we buy a brand-new shirt, it is in great condition. Because we have spent our money on it, we want it to stay in great condition. For that to happen, we need to properly take care of the item.

Did you know that there is a right way to wash and dry your brand-new shirt? Not being careful with how you clean and dry your shirt can lead to unwanted damage. Let’s take a look at the proper way to wash and dry your garment, so it stays in great condition.

Step 1: Review Care Instructions

Shirts typically have a tag on them to let you know what kind of cycle you should be washing them on. Make sure to follow these instructions. They are there for a reason! Washing a shirt on the wrong cycle can cause the shirt to fall apart. Not sure what those symbols mean? Well, do not fret, we created a whole article to help explain what these very critical symbols mean.

Care instructions of a polyester shirt

Image Source: UltraONEs

Step 2: Turn Inside Out  

If your new tee is printed on, flip it inside out before you wash it. Doing this will help keep the ink on the shirt intact and stop it from degrading. Not only will this protect the design on your shirt, but it will also help prevent pilling on the outside of your clothing. You will also let the “dirtiest” part of your clothing have direct contact to the detergent. These are just a few of the benefits you will receive by this extra step of turning your clothes inside out, in your laundry process. 

Shirt that is inside out

Image Source: DegImages

Step 3: Mix With Like Colors

Remember when our parents taught us about colors when washing clothes? It is extremely important that if you are washing your brand new t-shirt with other items, that you only wash it with clothes that are in the same color range. If your shirt is white, don’t wash it with reds and blues. If your shirt is dark, don’t wash it with light colors because it might bleed onto those lighter colored clothes.

Someone deciding how to sort their laundry

Image Source: RossHelen

Step 4: Select Cold Wash

Warm water can be damaging to t-shirts. If at all possible, wash your brand new tee in cool water. It will help the t-shirt last longer.

Laundry falling out of a washing machine

Image Source: uba-foto

Step 5: Use Low Heat to Dry 

If you don’t have the option to hang dry your t-shirt and need to use your dryer, make sure that you dry your tee on low heat. High heat can quickly cause damage to your new tee. You don’t want to damage your shirt at the end of the process after being extra careful during the washing phase.

Someone starting their laundry

Image Source: domoyega

Hang Dry Your Shirt

Hang drying your shirt will cause the least amount of damage because there is no heat coming into play. Hang your shirt up in a cool, dry area away from things that will snag the shirt or cause it to get dirty. If you don’t want to hang dry your shirt, you can also lay it down flat on a towel in a clean area.

White shirts hang drying on a clothes line

Image Source: chikaphotograph

Your Tee Will Thank You

Applying these quick steps to your washing and drying process will help keep your tee looking just as fresh and new as the day you bought it. We encourage you to try these steps and not only will you thank us, but your tee will thank you too!

Someone wearing a blank white shirt that looks brand new


Got any tips you use for keeping that brand new tee looking like new, wash after wash? Share them in the comments below!

How to Wash & Dry Your Brand New Shirt


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