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Black Blank Clothing at Wholesale Prices

Black blank apparel is the number one color we sell here at ShirtSpace, and it’s no wonder why! We’ve all heard the saying, “black looks good on everyone”, due to its legendary slimming effect. Blank black clothing is simple to match to other colors, hides stains easily, and even looks good if you wear it head-to-toe! We all know that person that likes to dress in “all black everything”, just proving that it’s a cultural favorite by many.

But beyond these reasons, there is another reason that apparel decorators love to work with blank black apparel. Printers enjoy using black blank apparel for screen printing because contrasting or bright, vibrant designs really pop on a black clothing. When you have a design that you really want to stand out, black apparel allow for the art to be at the forefront of focus. Dress your kids in black blank apparel to increase the lifespan of their clothing. And consider black blank clothing as a neutral that everyone will like when selecting a color to outfit a large group or organization. Because let’s face it, almost everyone from men, to women and children all have some black blank apparel in their closets!

Black Blank Apparel For All Your Custom Projects

Black apparel is also great for a number of holidays and celebrations. You can make any holiday on a black shirt or hoodie, but Halloween, New Year's and Black History Month stand out as times when black clothing is in high demand. Rainbow pride designs also look great on black blank clothing, and black t-shirts have been a rock concert staple for band merch since the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll!

Printers off all trades from screen printers, to DTG printers, and those that like to work with heat transfers like DTF and HTV, consistently use plain black apparel for their projects. Bleaching has become more and more popular in recent years, and the results are super fun! Bleach dye a black shirt and leave it as is, or tie-dye it after you bleach for an out-of-this world reverse tie-dye effect. Just make sure you look for 100% cotton black blank apparel so that the bleach and dyes will react properly. Even embroiderers like working with black blank clothing, too, so that you can clearly see their stitched designs.

Black is also a universal color in which most blank apparel styles offer a version. You can count on easily being able to find a black crewneck sweatshirt, black tank top, black jacket, or any cut of the plain black t-shirt, from long-sleeves to v-necks! The color black can be dressed up or down, and is appropriate for almost any setting. Another advantage to blank black apparel is that if it fades, it can easily be brought back to life with a dye wash using a product like Rit Dye

Save Big on Black Bulk Clothing

Wholesale black clothing is easier than ever to get at super low prices, when shopping with ShirtSpace. Whether you need a single black t-shirt or black apparel in bulk, you are still paying significantly less than a traditional retail outlet. Plus, if you do place a larger order, you save extra with bulk black apparel pricing. The more pieces of blank black apparel you purchase, the more you save! 

Sure, it is more time-efficient to place a bulk order and stock up on blank black clothing. However, if you are limited on budget or space and need to order small batches more frequently, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly our speedy shipping can get you your order of plain black apparel to your doorstep, fast! 

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