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How-to & DIY

DIY Off-The-Shoulder T-Shirt Guide

By Shirtspace | November 5, 2019Want the mark of a casual but stylish look. Check out our DIY Off-The-Shoulder T-Shirt Guide.
How-to & DIY

7 Cool Ways to Cut T-Shirts Into Holiday Gifts

By Shirtspace | October 29, 2019Making gifts for friends and family has never been easier. There are so many ways to upcycle something as simple as a blank t-shirt into a present that can be used for years to come.
How-to & DIY

5 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

By Shirtspace | October 29, 2019Thursday is Halloween! Do you have your costume ready to go? If you’re not prepared, no need to fret, here at ShirtSpace we have some last-minute DIY costume ideas ready for you.
How-to & DIY

Top 5 Trick or Treat Tees

By Shirtspace | October 9, 2019Halloween is just around the corner. It's time to start thinking about what you'll be this year. Here are the Top 5 Trick-or-Treat Tees that you can transform into cool costumes.
How-to & DIY

How to Fade a Shirt

By Shirtspace | September 26, 2019Give your t-shirts the perfect vintage, worn look without damaging the fabric with these handy DIY shirt fading methods.
How-to & DIY

DIY Vintage T-shirts - How to Age Without Damage

By Shirtspace | September 26, 2019Use these DIY aging techniques to mimic the look and feel of vintage t-shirts that you can add to your ever-expanding vintage collection.
How-to & DIY

7 Great Ideas For Repurposing Your Old T-Shirts

By Shirtspace | August 27, 2019Have old t-shirts you are thinking about getting rid of? Hold tight, these seven creative projects may prove that you will want to hang on to them.
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