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Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What Is Combed Cotton?

By Shirtspace | December 24, 2019What is combed cotton & why is it superior to regular cotton?
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

Choosing The Best Hoodie For You

By Shirtspace | October 24, 2019With differences in warmth, breathability, and softness, choosing the best quality hoodie for you can be hard. Don't fret, we have the the answers here for you.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What is the Best Quality Cotton for a T-Shirt?

By Shirtspace | October 24, 2019Quality is important when it comes to your tees, but what makes up the best quality cotton tees?
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What Is a Tech T-Shirt?

By Shirtspace | September 27, 2019Tech t-shirts are lightweight, usually polyester & spandex tees that wick moisture away from your body for increased comfort and performance during workouts.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What is a Ribbed T-shirt?

By Shirtspace | September 24, 2019Comfort, durability, and stretch are what you are looking for. But what really is a ribbed t-shirt?
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What is a Jersey T-Shirt?

By Shirtspace | September 9, 2019A jersey t-shirt is a shirt made out of jersey knitted fabric. This small grain, single knit fabric is smooth on the outward side and piled on the inward side.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

Brushed Cotton vs Cotton Twill Fabric

By Shirtspace | August 26, 2019Brushed cotton is insulating and soft to the touch. Cotton twill is extremely durable and perfect for pants and coats. Which fabric will work best for you?
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