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Category: Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

A Guide to Polyester: The Moisture-Wicking Fabric

By Shirtspace | December 21, 2020Polyester is one of the best moisture-wicking fabrics in the apparel industry. Learn how and why this material is great for sports teams uniforms and sublimation.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What is the Softest T-Shirt Material?

By Shirtspace | July 10, 2020The softness of a t-shirt is a result of the material that it is made of. There are so many different t-shirt materials available.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What are Wicking T-shirts?

By Shirtspace | July 10, 2020Moisture wicking actually has two jobs. This blog explain exactly what those jobs are and how they're done.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

How to Wash and Dry Your Brand New Shirt

By Shirtspace | June 18, 2020A basic breakdown on the right way to wash your brand new shirt.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What Is Combed Cotton?

By Shirtspace | December 24, 2019What is combed cotton & why is it superior to regular cotton?
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

Choosing The Best Hoodie For You

By Shirtspace | October 24, 2019With differences in warmth, breathability, and softness, choosing the best quality hoodie for you can be hard. Don't fret, we have the the answers here for you.
Fabric Guide & Treatment Tips

What is the Best Quality Cotton for a T-Shirt?

By Shirtspace | October 24, 2019Quality is important when it comes to your tees, but what makes up the best quality cotton tees?
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