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Screenprinting & Decoration

The 3 Best Wholesale T-Shirts for Screenprinting

By Shirtspace | September 18, 2018Screenprinters, this one's for you! We've put our heads together and come up with a list of the 3 best wholesale t-shirts for screenprinting.
Screenprinting & Decoration

How to Apply Foil Transfers to T-shirts

By Shirtspace | November 3, 2017Adding foil transfers to your arsenal of processes is an excellent way to wow your customers and create awesome shirts. Check out our how-to guide that'll give you a glimpse of the process and what it entails.
Screenprinting & Decoration

Design Placement Guidelines for Screenprinters and Apparel Decorators

By Shirtspace | October 26, 2017Check out our guide to measuring and easily placing your designs on t-shirts and polos. Front, back, chest, and sleeve prints- we've got it all!
Screenprinting & Decoration

How to Increase Sustainability in Screenprinting

By Shirtspace | September 11, 2017Industries across the board are continually looking for ways to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into their business. The screenprinting industry is no different! Check out our tips and tricks to increase sustainability in screenprinting.
Screenprinting & Decoration

6 Things to Print on Custom T-Shirt Labels

By Shirtspace | September 6, 2017Printing custom labels in your t-shirts is a great way to be creative and promote your brand. Check out our list of 6 things to include when creating your custom t-shirt labels!
Screenprinting & Decoration

Heat Presses and Garment Decorating

By Shirtspace | June 7, 2017Considering breaking into the decorative garment business? With a heat press, you can quickly apply images and decorations to t-shirts and other materials. To do so, you need to understand a little about heat printing.
Screenprinting & Decoration

How to Iron a Picture on a Shirt

By Shirtspace | June 7, 2017You’ve got a beautiful piece of artwork or a photo you want to display on a t-shirt, but how do you get the picture on a shirt?
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