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What's New?

Celebrating Makers

By Shirtspace | October 3, 2019There's a "movement" happening on the internet, brought to you by Makers. Let's celebrate the Makers and the movement behind these DIY'ers.
What's New?

Customer Spotlight: I before E, etc.

By Shirtspace | May 30, 2019"We got started out of pure love for creating and crafting and wanting to share those creations with others!"
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Customer Spotlight: Nik's Shirt Shop

By Shirtspace | May 1, 2019After staying home for a while I felt I needed something to do with my time that I loved and could also give our family addition income. We all have a fun quirky sense of humor and love tees that match our personalities.
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Gildan Genuine Responsibility™

By Shirtspace | March 21, 2019Gildan Genuine Responsibility™ is a testament to Gildan’s commitment to caring for people, creating strong communities & offering sustainable apparel to the wholesale market. One t-shirt at a time, Gildan is making a difference.
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Customer Spotlight: Emtizee Apparel & Co.

By Shirtspace | February 27, 2019"I became a Shirtspace member because I tried various websites before, and Shirtspace provided the best prices"
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Customer Spotlight: Printera Co.

By Shirtspace | January 31, 2019Printera was founded in 2018, although their screen printing experience goes back 15 years.
What's New?

Brand Spotlight: BELLA+CANVAS

By Shirtspace | September 12, 2017One of the best in the business, BELLA+CANVAS offers fashion-forward, sustainably-sourced apparel that continues to be an industry staple.
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