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What is Organic Cotton?

By ShirtSpace | Aug 23, 2019 |  Updated Oct 23, 2020

Like many other industries, the blank apparel industry is HUGE. There are countless styles, colors, and materials, all of which continually evolve as trends change. More recently, organic products are gaining popularity and are available in just about every type of product you can imagine. Do You want organic lotion? Done. Are you looking for organic cereal? Done. You’d like to print on organic paper? Done.

Naturally, in the world of blank apparel, there are also organic options available. So, what does that even mean?

Cotton has been used to make clothes for thousands of years. Not surprising, cotton is one of the world’s largest cash crops and there are millions of bales produced each year. Go figure!

So, in an effort to keep up with supply and demand throughout the world, the producers and farmers of cotton have begun using different ways to combat issues that make growing cotton difficult.  Think, pesticides and insecticides to prevent harmful bugs and insects from wreaking havoc on the crops.

In addition to the pesticides and insecticides that are used when growing cotton, cotton growers also use many different chemicals to help their cotton grow. After all, in order to meet the demand for millions of bales of cotton a year, farmers depend on their crop to grow!

Ultimately, each of these strategies are used so that the cotton will thrive, but with anything, there is always a downside. As such, more and more people are opting for organic cotton that is free from the use of pesticides, insecticides, and GMO seeds.  

As the interest in organic products continues to gain momentum, the production of organic cotton has grown substantially and apparel manufacturers are taking notice. People throughout the world are becoming increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint and will pay a premium for products that are sustainably sourced.  Beyond the advantages of the way in which organic cotton is sourced, it is also a desirable option for those with sensitive skin given that it is made without the use of chemicals. For many, these benefits make buying organic cotton the only way to buy cotton.

So, at a time when the age of organic is only growing bigger and better, organic cotton apparel will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


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