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The Importance of Election Tees

By ShirtSpace | Nov 05, 2019 |  Updated Oct 23, 2020

The elections are upon us and thus so is all of the campaigns and marketing that go with them. When you think of election campaigns, what type of marketing do you typically think of? Billboards, television ads, radio pieces, flyers, and email marketing are just a few ways that electoral candidates get their names out there. However, one very important piece of marketing that candidates sometimes forget is election tees. They can improve campaigns in many different ways. 

They Get Your Name Out There 

The main purpose of the election tee is to get the candidate’s name out there. People pay attention to clothing choices, so when someone is wearing a tee that supports a campaign, it sparks interest and helps create conversation. Because people are wearing the tees and they travel from place to place, more people end up hearing about who the candidate is. It helps create name recognition across the area, and even if people don’t want to talk about the campaign at the moment, they may look up the candidate later. 

They Spread Awareness of Elections in General 

It is pretty well known that not everyone pays attention to the elections. Just like election tees spread the word about a particular candidate, they spread the word about elections in general. The more people that know about the election, the better. By spreading the word about the election, tees help people become more informed and can help invoke more knowledgeable decisions.  

People Love Free Tees 

It is pretty easy to say that people love free things and that is especially true when it comes to clothing. Most people will listen to your spiel if they are getting something out of it. The more tees that you can hand out, the more you are spreading your campaign or the campaign of the candidate that you are supporting. 

They Bring People Together

During elections, people want to create a sense of community. Election tees help with that. When people have an item in common, they feel like they are apart of a group. Election tees are an effective way of bringing people together. 

They also make the groups they are bringing together easily recognizable. When paired with a great logo, election tees show other people what group you are affiliated with. 

They Benefit Screen Printing Shops

While election tees are great marketing for the candidate and the election itself, they are also great marketing for screen printing shops. When people learn that screen printers have printed election tees, it shows them that the shop is invested in the community. When you show that you're involved in the community, you build more loyal customers.

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