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Top 10 Colors to Wear in Spring & Summer

By ShirtSpace | Aug 23, 2019 |  Updated Feb 01, 2024

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is filled with black, white and shades of grey. But, in an effort to branch out and spice things up, I’ve decided to listen to the experts and add some of the 10 hottest colors this season into my look.

Many of these pantone colors were selected in large part because they are comforting and soft in an age when our lives are whirlwind and crazy at times. There are also vibrant colors like green flash and fiesta that provide unexpected color combinations and dimension to the collection of colors.

While each color is uniquely different, I can honestly say I’m excited to incorporate these colors into my look! I encourage you to look for ways to add a snorkel blue top to your look that’ll accentuate your eyes, wear a buttercup dress to your next summer wedding, or throw on that limpet shell tank for a day at the beach. While some of these colors may appeal to you more than others, rest assured you’ll look great in whatever hue you choose!

Without further ado, behold the 10 hottest colors below!

Limpet Shell

Blank face Person wearing limpet shell colored dress

Illustration by O'2nd


blank face wearing serenity colored dress

Illustration by Rachel Pally

Rose Quartz

Blank face person wearing rose quartz dress

Illustration by TOSIA

Snorkel Blue

blank face person wearing snorkel blue dress

Illustration by WHIT

Iced Coffee

Blank face person wearing iced coffee colored clothes

Illustration by Daniel Silverstain


blank face person wearing buttercup colored dress

Illustration by Charles & Ron

Lilac Grey

Blank faced person wearing lilac gray dress

Illustration by Rebecca Vallance

Green Flash

Blank face person wearing green flash colored dress

Illustration by Nicole Miller


woman wearing fiesta colored dress

Illustration by Pamella Roland

Peach Echo

woman wearing peach echo colored dress

Illustration by Rebecca Minkoff

For more information on these 10 fabulous pantone colors, click here!

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