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Why Cotton Has Stood the Test of Time

By ShirtSpace | Aug 23, 2019 |  Updated May 25, 2023

For centuries, cotton has remained the worlds top clothing fiber. It has been used in making clothes for many distinct advantages. It is comfortable to the skin, durable, controls moisture and insulates well. People all over the world depend on cotton daily. Let's explore some of the reasons why cotton has remained so popular even today.

In a world where options abound, cotton still stands up against polyester and other similar fabrics. One of the main distinct reasons is comfort. Cotton simply feels soft and smooth to the touch. There are many different types and weaves of cotton available and many choose cotton because it feels soft on the skin. Many trust cotton underwear - which is another testament to it's softness. Check out 100% cotton shirts for ultimate comfort and softness.

Comfort isn't the only advantage though! Cotton stands up in the durability contest as well. Cotton is known to be a strong fabric that can take abuse and wear well. Did you know that cotton gets stronger when wet? This allows it to hold up in the wash against repeated washings and with other clothes. 

Cotton builds upon its long history of popularity by being hypo-allergenic, meaning, it's extremely unlikely to cause flare-ups or allergies. This makes it very popular for medical uses and even baby care. It has been used in first-aid materials for quite some time.

Cotton also makes sense due to it's ability to take and hold color well, not to mention it holds up well against higher temperatures when laundering. It does shrink some - this can either be an advantage or disadvantage to the customer depending on preference. 

Altogether cotton offers many distinct advantages: comfort and durability to name a few. It's been the preferred clothing fiber for centuries for good reason! Check out our selection of cotton clothing today. We offer clothing in many styles from 100% cotton, to polyester and blended 50/50 styles. 

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