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Sublimation is a type of printing process that utilizes heat and pressure to transfer dye into fabric.  In scientific terms, the ink transforms from solid to gas, without passing through the liquid phase. Colors and images are dye-sublimated onto the paper or backing. The transfer paper and fabric are both processed with heat and pressure to dye the fibers of the material.

Sublimation printing is different from screen printing in that you are dyeing the fabric of the shirt, rather than printing on top of it. This result is that sublimated ink can be seen, but not felt on the fabric, which is one of the majors draws to the art of sublimating. Prints that peel over time with wears and washes are a thing of the past with sublimation.

Avoid having to layer vinyl or screen printing with multiple screens to achieve a multi-colored design. Sublimation printing allows for detailed image transfer onto shirts with many coloring options, with just one proper use of a heat press! If you’re familiar with sublimation printing already, then you already know how important it is that you find the right sublimation apparel blanks for your prints to turn out the way you had envisioned. 

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The caveat with that sublimation printing is that it typically only works on clothes that have a polyester count of 65% or higher. Some apparel decorators have had luck with blank sublimation clothing that has a  lower polyester count, but your results will have a faint, vintage-y look. Garments that are made from 100% polyester fabric will produce the most bright and vivid prints. 

Bulk Wholesale Apparel for Sublimation

Polyester apparel is not all created equal. Many are polyester shirts that are created as athletic wear. The bulk of the polyester t-shirt styles you will find are sleek, smooth, cool to the touch and moisture-wicking performance styles. These often work great for sublimation clothing blanks, but since many people prefer the look and feel of cotton for everyday wear over an athletic style, there are a handful of brands that have risen to the occasion to produce 100% polyester blank sublimation clothing that look and feel closer to cotton.

Wholesale T-shirts for Sublimation Printing

The brand Sublivie was created to especially accommodate sublimation printing. Sublivie’s entire line of sublimation apparel blanks, as well as the best-selling Jerzees 21M, Gildan G420 and Sport-Tek ST450 Cotton Touch ™ Tee, all have that cotton-soft feel that sublimation printers adore. These superior wholesale blanks for sublimation come in long-sleeve versions as well, so you can keep warm in the colder months, and cool and dry in the heat. Ladies and youth companion styles mean that everyone can wear sublimated clothing that feels comfortable and stylish to them.

Many sublimation printers have also found success printing on garments that are a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton or viscose. You might get a faded look, but this opens the doors to many more opportunities when it comes to cut, style and color options for blank sublimation clothing. 

Sweatshirts That Are Perfect For Sublimation

You can sublimate on just about anything that has enough polyester in it, including polyester sweatshirts! At ShirtSpace, we have crewnecks and hoodies that are perfect for subbing! Soft and cozy on the inside, and silky on the outside, your sublimated prints have never looked so good on these 100% polyester sublimation wholesale blank sweatshirts! 

Shop Wholesale Blanks for Sublimation

Order sublimation products from ShirtSpace today and receive wholesale pricing that beats out traditional craft stores and clothing shops! Not to mention, our extensive selection of sublimation-worthy clothing trumps the standard selection that most retailers provide. At low wholesale prices, apparel decorators will be able to keep their costs down while not sacrificing quality. 

Curious about a style, but nervous to commit? With no order minimums, you can order a little as you would like to sample. If for some reason you order more, and you find the order is not what you expected, ShirtSpace offers free 45-day returns so that you’re always satisfied and happy with your purchase. With all of these benefits, shop for your next haul of sublimation wholesale blank apparel with ShirtSpace today! 

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