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Where You Should Wear a Cloth Face Mask

By ShirtSpace | Apr 10, 2020 |  Updated May 25, 2023

*UPDATE - JULY 2020 - Many states and local governments, bussinesses and non-profits are now requiring you wear a mask indoors. Please check your local policy. 

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has gone into effect. Staying home and away from others is extremely important in stopping the spread of the virus. However, there are things that as humans we have to do and places we do have to go, even when we need to keep our distance from others. 

COVID-19 is spreading quickly and is extremely dangerous. So, if you do have to venture away from your home, it is important to protect your health while you are out. One of the ways you can do this is by wearing a cotton mask (DIY or purcahsed). There are a variety of different places that you should be making sure you are wearing a mask. Let's go through them.

The Grocery Store 

We all need to eat right? So, it is probably a necessity that you go to the grocery store at some point.  Most grocery stores are filled with a lot of people at once. The more people in a confined space, the more germs there are circulating. The aisles are also tiny, so it is really hard to stay six feet apart like medical experts are suggesting. Because of this, it is extremely important that you wear a mask while shopping for groceries. 

The Hospital 

People have to go to the hospital for reasons other than COVID-19. It is inevitable that things come up. However, when you are going to see your doctor, there are probably people in the office that are sick with COVID-19 or some other kind of virus, so it is important to cover your mouth and a nose with a mask to avoid breathing in their germs. 

The Gas Station 

you are walking everywhere or taking public transportation, you are going to need to fill up your car with gas at some point. While you don’t pump gas right next to other people, you are in close proximity to them and should wear a mask to be safe. Especially if you are paying with cash because you have to go into the register to pay for it. Make sure to wipe down the pump you are using with a disinfectant wipe to avoid getting other people’s germs on your hands. 

Public Transportation 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a car to use. There is still a large number of people that are relying on public transportation. Buses and trains are tight spaces filled with a large number of people, which means you end up breathing in other people’s germs. Please make sure to wear a cotton mask while taking public transportation.


Picking Up Takeout 

In a time where we can’t go to restaurants, people are relying on picking up takeout for their dining needs. While this is great and stimulates the economy, it still puts you into contact with other humans. Make sure to grab your mask before you head out to pick up food. It only takes coming into contact with one infected person to get you sick. 

At Work 

While some of us have the awesome opportunity to work from home during this pandemic, not everyone is so lucky. Essential workers have to go to work every day. If you are an essential worker and are in contact with others, it is important to wear a cotton mask to keep both yourself and your peers safe and healthy. 

Some Helpful Tips 

Wearing a cotton mask while out in public is extremely important in keeping yourself healthy and stopping the spread of COVID-19. When wearing your mask, avoid touching it as much as possible. It is important that after you wear your mask, you wash it so it stays cleaned and sanitized. And as always, wash your hands frequently and disinfect surfaces.  

Can you think of other locations a mask would come in handy? Comment below.

Where you should wear a cloth mask

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