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Gildan Named 32nd Most Sustainably Managed Company in the World

By ShirtSpace | Oct 22, 2020 |  Updated Oct 26, 2020

Gildan Activewear was recognized for their dedication to sustainability in a world-wide ranking by The Wall Street Journal. This report rated the Top 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the world. Gildan was ranked the 2nd apparel company on the list, and was one only three apparel companies named on the list. Gildan ranked 32nd in Sustainability and ranked 6th in Innovation. Adding to the accomplishments, Gildan was also the only North American apparel company on the list. When shopping for a sustainable t-shirt company, always keep Gildan in mind!

Sustainability and The Future

Gildan recognizes the importance of sustainability, and applies this importance across its business model for the future of our planet. Resources for apparel manufacturing are a finite commodity. It is a powerful industry shift when large businesses like Gildan incorporate sustainability into their manufacturing process.

President and CEO at Gildan, Glenn Chamandy, explains Gildan’s sustainability commitment stating, “We are proud of our inclusion in this new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ranking and acknowledgment as a top global performer. This recognition is a direct result of our unique business model of owning and operating our manufacturing facilities and reflects the continued commitment and progress we have made towards our vision of Making Apparel Better®. Over the last thirty-five years, we have built a company known as much for the quality of our products as for how they are made under our Genuine Responsibility® program which allows us to manufacture clothes responsibly and ethically”.

Gildan Genuine Responsibility

Shirtspace & Gildan 

Here at Shirtspace, we are proud of our relationship with Gildan Activewear because of their commitment to sustainability. As an apparel industry leader, their position on sustainability and innovation is both admirable and inspirational. Through their Genuine Responsibility® journey, Gildan has taken a “Three Pillars” approach when it comes to manufacturing apparel both sustainably and ethically.  Gildan believes in making apparel better for people, communities, and our environment. As a leading supplier of Gildan apparel, Shirtspace values our relationship with such an ethically-minded company. 

Although it has long been a part of the conversation, Consumer buying habits have shifted to valuing sustainability in their buying decisions more and more. Shirtspace recognizes the importance of sustainability for our customers. Thanks to our relationship with Gildan, we are in a prime position to offer quality products that are manufactured sustainability and available at extremely competitive prices for the modern, social and environmentally conscious customer. 


Roylan 07/28/2022 10:45 pm

Nescito comprar a mayoreo con ustedes cómo puedo hacerlo por favor.


ShirtSpace08/18/2022 06:53 pm

Hola Roylan, Vemos que ha preguntado acerca de comprarnos ropa al por mayor. Servimos a todos los 50 de los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Guam. Visite para comprar nuestra selección gigante de estilos de ropa en blanco con descuento. Si necesita ayuda para realizar su pedido, comuníquese con nuestro Equipo de Servicio al Cliente enviando un correo electrónico a [email protected] o llamando al (877) 285-7606. (Traducido por Google).


Leroy Lahucik11/12/2021 11:28 pm

I love these tee shirts. And I can’t find any of these shirts for me. I don’t need hundreds or thousands, but could you please let me buy at least 10 shirts. Just white color. I can’t find any like yours. Pure 100% cotton. Yours are perfect and feel so good. But only have red ones. I need white. Medium! Could you please, please let me buy them from you? Thank you.


ShirtSpace08/18/2022 05:45 pm

Hi, Leroy! We are happy that you are so happy with Gildan brand t-shirts. With no order minimums, you can definitely buy 10 shirts from us. Whites are typically our most affordable color option for most tees too! You can shop our full selection of Gildan white tees here: Simply add the products to your cart, enter your shipping and payment information, and check out. Here are some videos we think you might find helpful when trying to buy from ShirtSpace: How to make a purchase: How to make a ShirtSpace account: How to navigate the ShirtSpace website: We hope this helps you purchase the white t-shirts you were looking for. If you are still having trouble placing an order, you can reach out to our Customer Service team at [email protected] or (877)285-7606, and they would be happy to help you.


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