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Top 5 Trick or Treat Tees

By ShirtSpace | Oct 10, 2019 |  Updated Sep 14, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about what you will be this year. Don’t worry, ShirtSpace has done some work for you. Here are our top 5 trick or treat tees that you can transform into your favorite trick-or-treat costume.

A Cactus 

A man and woman wearing green crewneck sweatshirts that have been decorated to create cactus costumes for Halloween.
Image source: Brit+Co.

Okay, let’s start with one of our favorites, the Cactus. This costume is so fun and simple. You can go as a single cactus or grab some friends and walk around looking hot as the desert. The perfect shirt to transform into a cactus is a green Gildan G540 Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. Long-Sleeve. This is one of our top-selling long sleeves and will help keep you warm while out on Halloween night. To transform this tee, you will need a few simple items.


  • G540 in Irish Green

  • Brown or tan pipe cleaners

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Pink tissue paper

  • Optional: headband – not necessary but fun. 

A Pineapple

A woman wearing a yellow t-shirt dress and green leaf headband to create a pineapple costume.
Image credit: Studio DIY!

Next up, we have a Pineapple. For this fun and stand-out costume, we recommend a gold t-shirt or sweatshirt. If you choose a style with unisex sizing, ladies can wear it as an oversized dress with leggings or as a standard tee with pants of your choice. Below is what you will need to transform into the fun pineapple you have always wanted to be.


  • Any gold-colored t-shirt or sweatshirt

  • Green poster board 

  • Cardboard paper towel roll  

  • Headband

  • Hot glue gun

  • Scissors

La Croix 

Two women wearing pink, blue and purple tie-dyed t-shirts that have been printed with the La Croix logo.
Image credit: Buzzfeed/Taylor Miller

Next up, we have our favorite group costume of the year. Everyone is obsessed with La Croix, and so are we. So why not get a group of your friends to dress like these deliciously crisp and bubbly drinks for Halloween. To achieve this look, we suggest the Tie-Dye CD2000 Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, which also comes in a youth version, the CD2000Y. Or the short-sleeved CD1000. You can pick your favorite flavor and match it to the corresponding tie-dye color. Here are some suggestions on pairings of flavors and colors, to make for the perfect costume! Get some iron-on letters or use a Cricut, or other brand of vinyl cutter, to print out the LA Croix logo, so everyone knows what you are!



Pure Spider Baby Blue
Key Lime Wild Spider
Berry Spider Plum
Ki-Biscus Minty Rainbow
Cherry Blossom Desert Rose
Pamplemousse Funnel Cake
Lime Spider Mint
Lemon Spider Dandelion
Peach-Pear Sunflower
Black Razzberry Spider Lavender

Olaf from Disney’s Frozen Movies

Little boy wearing a white hoodie that has been customized to look like Olaf the snowman from Disney’s Frozen movies.
Image credit: Desert Chica

Let’s move onto some of our little friends. The Frozen movies are a hit among kids and parents alike, and we all know who is everyone's favorite character is, Olaf!!!! And to change it up a bit, we are going to hit you with this cozy alternative and stay scary warm. To achieve the ultimate Olaf, choose the Gildan G185 Hoodie, which also comes in the youth version, the G185B. We have all the perfect essentials for this fun costume below. 


  • G185B in White

  • Black felt

  • Orange felt

  • White felt

  • Scissors

  • Brown pipe cleaner 

  • Hot glue gun

The Gumball Machine 

An infant wearing a red outfit that has been customized to look like a gumball machine, and a beanie covered in pom-poms, in order to look like gumballs.
Image credit: Peekaboo Pages

And last, but certainly not least, we have a nostalgic costume that people of all ages will love. This would be the cutest DIY costume you ever will see, the gumball machine! You want to keep your kiddos warm and looking cute. We have just the trick, or maybe treat? See what we did there? For this cute little gumball, you will need the 4411, Rabbit Skins Infant Long-Sleeve Bodysuit, the 202Z, Rabbit Skins Toddler Baby Rib Pajama Pant and the 4451, Rabbit Skins Baby Rib Cap. To transform, see all items below.


Halloween Costumes for All this Fall!

Make sure you make this Halloween a group or family affair. You can DIY all of your costumes to our favorite trick-or-treat tees. You’ll stay warm, have a unique costume, and most of all: have fun while doing it! Don’t forget to visit ShirtSpace for any of your DIY apparel needs.

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