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Ribbed T-Shirts at Wholesale Prices

We all know that wholesale tee shirts come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They are offered in different styles, colors and fabrics – so here is a particular type of tee – the ribbed t-shirt! So, what is a ribbed t-shirt? To sum it up, it’s a shirt knitted in a way that creates raised lines and grooves, typically running vertically. This sometimes creates a tighter fit; therefore, fitted tees are most often seen in collections of ladies' clothing, girls – from young to juniors, as well as infants and toddlers, since every baby needs some rib in their crib! 

What are some of our favorite wholesale ribbed tees that we carry? We love the District DT6020 for its wide scoop neck and the Bella+Canvas B2000 for a women’s raglan that is perfect for streetwear and athletics. Bella+Canvas also makes great ribbed tanks, such as the 1080 and 1081, if you love ribbed clothing in general. Ribbing is versatile and trendy, meaning you can wear it for various occasions.

Ribbed Tees for All Your Needs

Because ribbed t-shirts have a texture, they are unique and add a little flair to a standard shirt. Some ribbing is more extreme, and some is more subtle. Baby rib tees like the Boxercraft BW2403 have tiny, thin ribs tightly packed together. The best way to test a ribbed tee is to order one as a sample! If you like to tie-dyeing, then a rib t-shirt is a unique but excellent choice. This is because ribbed tees are usually prominently made from cotton, which is just what you need for great tie-dye designs! You might find folding ribbed fabric challenging or love the result! We’re all about experimental apparel decoration, so get creative! ShirtSpace has all the men's and women’s tees made from 100% cotton to fulfill your tie-dye dreams! 

You can also print on a rib shirt with methods such as screen printing, HTV or DTG! The print will likely have ribs in it as well, so keep this in mind. But if you are cool with that, you can make some neat gear! A ribbed shirt provides a unique look that an everyday tee cannot give. 

Save Big on Ribbed T-Shirts in Bulk

Stock up on men’s and women’s t-shirts, or unisex to make it easy and appeal to everyone. Whatever you decide, ShirtSpace is the place to go for all your t-shirt needs, including ribbed tees! And since we have 15 nationwide warehouses to fulfill orders, items come quickly, sometimes in as little as a day. There has never been a better way to place a bulk ribbed t-shirt order. But that is not to say that you have to. We enforce no order minimums, so order as little or as much as you want. Bulk orders qualify for extra savings, but all items are wholesale priced! Pick up a rib t-shirt wholesale, or perhaps one hundred, and save big now!

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