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What is CVC Fabric?

By Shirtspace | Jan 08, 2019


Similar in softness but lower in price, CVC tees are giving tri-blend shirts a run for their money. So what does CVC actually mean?


The short of it- CVC is the acronym for Chief Value Cotton.


The long of it- CVC fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester with cotton making up over 50% of the blend. What emerged as a way to reduce import and export costs has become a sought-after t-shirt alternative to tri-blend tees that are made using a blend of cotton, polyester, and modal. CVC shirts are breathable and soft, while offering durability that rivals pricier tri-blend options. Available in a variety of trendy and classic colors, CVC tees are a great as-is wardrobe staple and are also a go-to blank canvas for apparel decorators.


CVC tees are flattering, fashionable and fit right in with other retail-inspired shirts that are dominating the blank apparel industry. Wtih myriad options to choose from, we’ve come up with a list of our top 3 CVC t-shirts. Check them out below!


#1 Bella + Canvas 3001C Unisex Jersey Short-Sleeve T-Shirt



The Bella+Canvas 3001C is arguably the most popular CVC tee on the market and is available in over 20 CVC-specific colors. The 3001C is retail-inspired, is lightweight at just 4.2 oz and is made using unisex sizing that’ll please even the pickiest person.


#2 Next Level N6210 Men's CVC Crew



The Next Level N6210 is another great CVC t-shirt option and is available in 30 colors. While it isn’t made using unisex sizing like the Bella+Canvas 3001C, the N6210 is a solid choice for men’s wholesale CVC tees. It’s fashionable, not too fitted, and is at a price that won’t break the bank.


#3 Threadfast Apparel 130A Unisex Pigment-Dye Short-Sleeve T-Shirt



Another CVC tee made using unisex sizing, the Threadfast 130A features a retail-inspired fit similar to the 3001C and is available 16 colors. Unlike the N6210 and the 3001C, the Threadfast 130A is pigment-dyed so you can expect your colors to fade a bit after washing and look forward to a vintage, lived-in looking tee.


While you can’t go wrong with tri-blend t-shirts, we encourage you to keep CVC tees on your radar. They’re affordably priced, available in lots of popular colors and our customers love them. Trust us- once you go CVC, you won’t go back.


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